Professional book design

Don’t know how to create a book? This service provides all the solutions you need to make your book stand out from the rest whilst captivating your readers! The service includes: eBook design, printed book layout design and front and back cover design made from a conceptual photography that has been specially crafted for your project, text editing and one blog post with SEO on Naufragia, to help you appear on Google searches! We also provide orientation so that you can obtain your ISBN, print your book in your city or on Amazon. Finally, we’ll also include the design of an ad featuring your book, so that you can publish it on your social media platforms!


Let us know the amount of pages your book has. (One page = 250 words approx.). By default, our package includes 100 pages. For each additional page we will charge 4$ to include text editing and layout design.

Select the number of pages
*If your book has less than 100 pages, write “100”, as it is our minimum cost to process it.

Professional design $799 x 1$799

*If you want the internal layout of your book with many pictures and it is not text-only, additional costs may apply for a special
*If you want us to design particular illustrations for your book’s internal layout, there will be additional costs.